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Bay Rock X Ambassadors Leonardo (Leo)

Slovakian Junior Champion, Hungarian Junior Champion, Czech Junior Champion, KPaCHP Puppy Champion, KPaCHP Junior Champion

Romanian Champion, Czech Champion, Intechampion (C.I.B.), Slovakian Champion

NW-DZ (nosework discrimination elementary trial), NW-NZ (nosework nature elementary trial), NW-UZ (nosework urban elementary trial, NW-WZ (nosework water elementary trial), Master of Nosework Z (elementary class), Junior Dog Racing Winner 2017, Moravian Coursing Master 2018, Coursing Master of Czech Republic 2018, Coursing Master of Czech 2018, Coursing Winner 2018, Moravian Coursing Master 2019, European Coursing winner for non-sighthounds 2019, Bohemia Coursing Master 2019, Coursing Master of Czech Republic 2019, Coursing Winner 2019, Moravian Coursing Master 2020, Coursing Master of Czech republic 2020, Bohemian Coursing Master 2020, Coursing Winner 2020, Moravian Coursing Master 2021, Coursing Master of Czech Republic 2021

father: Bay Rock's Richard Crown Of Kings (foto)
mother:NACSW NW1 Karbits H Barefoot Sienna La Roux (foto)

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Medium apricot male, born 14.03.2016

Wright's coefficient: Fx = 0,08 %

Evaluated: 05.08. 2017
Evaulation Result: Stud Male
Height/Length: 43/46 cm

DNA profile
Hips displasy (HD): A/A
Elbows displasy (ED): 0/0
Patella exam (PL): 0/0
Ophtalmology eye exam: Negative 11/2020 - 11/2021
Teeth: All teeth, scissor bite

DNA profile
Coat color alleles test: aw/at    KB/kB    B/B    e/e    D/D
Prcd-PRA: N/N (Normal/Clear - A)
Von Willebrand disease, type I (vWD I): N/N (Normal/Clear)
Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N (Normal/Clear)
Chondrodysplazia: N/N (Normal/Clear)
Neonatal Encephalopathy: N/N (Normal/Clear)
Malignant hypertermia: N/N (NORMAL/CLEAR)

Leo is father of puppies:

Owner: Petra Kastlova, kennel Paganiniho symfonie, PetraEster.Kastlova@seznam.cz, Prague, Czech Republic
Co-owner: Terezie&Jan Valcikovi kennel Teschiro, info@teschiro.cz