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Bertik Teschiro - Gallery

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Bertik is Senior

Added 20.01.2019

Bertik, handsome boy :-)

Added 26.06.2012

Bertik visited us

Added 26.06.2012

Bertik, short coat groom

Added 28.03.2012

Bertik just like that :-)

Added 26.04.2011

Bertik on a visit

Added 22.06.2010
Bertik and spring coat makeover

Added 07.05.2010

New pictures of Bertik

Bertik and Monthy in park Bertik is calling family
nice trip

Added 18.01.2010

Bertik 1000times different

price for carrying of balls Bertik is rocker in bed teddy bear - before clipping

Added 30.04.2009

Fancy man before Easter

pause before clipping for photograph could I?! not yet
clipped so happiness finally, someone... ...for playing

Added 13.04.2009

Before Cliping in new clip ready with owner

Added 06.08.2008

Bertik in short-cut no problem, we are two... much more short cut friend