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Daphne with friends

Added 17.10.2017

Family vaccation

Added 07.09.2017

Family relax

Added 16.11.2016


Added 02.09.2016

Family trip in Tatry

Added 10.08.2016

Dapne's day

Added 09.07.2016

Daphne, family trip

Added 26.05.2016

Snapshot of Daphne

Added 13.05.2016

Daphne and Bibi

Added 24.01.2016

New year's walk

Added 05.01.2016

Grooming model

Added 01.09.2015

Camping holiday

Added 12.07.2015

Daphne with owner and her own dog band

Added 23.06.2015

Daphne just like that

Added 18.06.2015

Daphne, head study

Added 01.06.2015

Model Daphne

Added 23.04.2015

Spring in Slovakia

Added 11.03.2015

Daphne "in spa" :-)

Added 31.01.2015

Daphne and snow

Added 31.12.2014

Daphne at home

Added 04.12.2014

Daphne has new grooming style

Added 01.08.2014

Daphne has a new friend

Daphne has got home a new little friend - and we wish both girls a lof of fun and well done rascalities ;-).

Added 20.07.2014

Daphne and coyote

Added 05.07.2014

Daphne resting and for an ice-cream

Added 11.5.2014

Daphne and her family

Added 17.04.2014

Daphne friend and a helper ;-)

Added 16.2.2014

Daphne, the model

Added 10.12.2013

Daphna and Moly are playing

Added 24.07.2012

Afro Daphne
I would like to thank Alenka for amazing pics and idea she got. :-)

Added 26.06.2012

Short visit at Daphne place

Added 15.06.2012

Daphne, new photos
I would like to thank all family Birasovi and Kobzovi for nice weekend. :-)

Added 30.01.2012

Daphne and Moly making poses under chritsmas tree

Added 30.12.2011

Dafné and her friend Moly, christmas greetings

Added 15.12.2011

Dafné, cute photos

Added 20.11.2011

Dafné and Moly in movement

Added 31.10.2011

Dafné and her new friend Moly

Added 21.09.2011

Daphne at holiday

Added 03.08.2011

We visited Daphne

Added 06.07.2011

Small change in groom

Added 31.05.2011

Portrait of Daphne

Added 11.04.2011

Daphne helps

Added 28.03.2011


Video of cute wet apricot :)

Added 15.03.2011

Fun photos

Added 30.01.2011

Daphne at celebration plus new clip

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Added 23.01.2011

Daphne and snow

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Added 06.01.2011

Daphne just groomed
... she is really lovely. :-)

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Added 13.12.2010

Daphne and friends

Added 15.11.2010

Daphne at home
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Added 6.11.2010