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Beatrix Sunny Teschiro

Czech Champion, Poland Champion

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father: Christoffer Lovely Golden Hančin květ
mother: Agnes z Karlového ranče

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Miniature apricot female, born 3.6.2005

Died 03.03. 2015

Evaluated: 9.6.2007
Result of valuation: Brood Female, retired nowadays
Height/Length: 37/42 cm

PL: 0/0
Ophtalmology eye exam: during anual ophtalmology check catarakta found
(prcd-PRA): OptiGen A (Normal/Clear)
(prcd-PRA): Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, AS CR A (Clear)

Bety by our view

Betynka (as Beatrix is familiarly called) lives with us since the end of August 2006 where we took her to our home for some time till the health of Mgr. Kovaru, her right owner, will be better. Unfortunately, in November of the same year he died and Betynka stayed (and will stay) with us.

After she had returned back to us as a very sad dog feeling lonely after her master (I think it was both sides), Bety has started to acclimatize in our home and has showed to us her real temperament.

As proud young lady she has said us that she would never listen to our commands and she will be the first and only one player. She didn't listen to us when we went home and stayed hardly out. It continued with her insulting when we didn't took care about her good enough (according herself). She was absolutely against our attempts to show her basic obedience.

After some time we found her "weaker" sides and the basic obedience was fun because she is very lickerish and for something sweet she is able to do almost everything. After some training she has no fear from escalators, from the underground, journeys by train and so on. So, nowadays she is a beautiful young lady with some black sides (but honestly, who of us hasn't his/her own specialities) but the life with her is comfortable. One absolutely different thing from our other dogs is her insulting. Some dogs can do everything long time to get some sweet or a piece of salami but not our Bety. After a while she is able to go away with absolutely clear expression in her face: "keep it, I'm not going to do these stupid things!"

So what everything Bety can? Sit, lay, to the leg, wait. We also train the show movement (not perfect, for now) and show stand, give me a paw and bring up your ball. The last one command is really unnecessary because Bety extremely loves aporting her ball. Bety also loves horses and she is afraid of huge white dogs (at least one). She loves snow and during winter times she can play in the snow till weariness. She has "deviation" to wood, no matter which type - big and heavy sticks - she can aport everything and remade it a bit. Thanks to her we have nice collection of spiked woodensticks against vampires (like from a beaver).

She is un-conflicted to all other dogs and because she hardly adulates our Amanda, she tries to imitate her. Sometimes unsuccessfully. And our puppies love her so much. She is the only one who can play with them all the time. Beatrix also makes a good voice to our name abroad. She helps us to look after international students at our university, so she is known in France as well as in Finland.

Bety is very clever but there is some block to understand the command Bark! So she reacts on this command showing everything she knows. Or when she is barking after command Bark she is silent for a hundred percent. And we must say something else about her behavior. Although we though she would be very nice dog, maybe quiet more than normally, she graduates in school of our vulpine apricots. She knows "I haven't eaten at least one week, please give me a piece" or "nobody takes care about me, please, scratch me" and "Oh, visitors, they are here just for me". With the exactly the same nobles and sparkle in her eyes she makes all dirty business you can imagine from anatomize the milk boxes, reparation of our shoes (only when she thinks we don't take care about her according her mind, she hasn't destroyed anything if she is alone), to the chips manufacture and making beaver woods She loves stealing paper handkerchief and missing out her ball somewhere - ideally under some cabinet. When she misses her favorite ball out in this way, she barks and tries to miniaturize herself till that size needs to find ball. So someone (ideally everyone) have to come and rescue her ball and throw it. The meaning of this game is that she misses the ball out after one minute again and the whole circle can start once more.

The life with our Bety is not boring. And, we have a lot of weapons against vampires at home :).

Tepe & Xyl, 6.4.2007