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Bertik Teschiro

father: Christoffer Lovely Golden Hančin Květ
mother: Agnes z Karlového ranče

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Born: 16.6.2005

Died> 19.11. 2022

Wright's coefficient: 2,4460% 

Evaluated: has not been done

Owner: Jan Burian, Czech Republic, Chocen


Bertik as old grandpa

Bertik is deaf almost 3 years and thanks to glaucoma he is blind on this left eye and on the right eye he sees cca 1 meter - thanks to the same problem. He has almost half of the teeth. But don't be mistakes he is vital and energy full senior. He doesn't cath the balls nowadays, he simply not see them, however he loves to be our on the yeard and plays there. He dosn¨t want to move without is old friend Monty (labrador retrever), he uses him like his eyes. Both seniors lives together more than 12 years and are used to each other.

They both don't want to go outside the home surrounding much, Bertik was unsure even in our bigger garden, cca 100 m after the house. It was thanks to his eye handicap. The was afraid of even his shadow, bunch of nettles.

I know nothing is forever and I would like to thank for my super companion he will ever stay my first dog forever.

Jan Burian

Betik, new article

Bertik has got another new friend for his 13th birthday, who likes to pull his ears. He doesn't hear much anyway, but he's a patient "grandpa" - well, rather an overgrown puppy than a grandpa.

When he gets on a yard with his ten years old friend Monty they start to chase each other as little puppies. Although Bertik has got another disadvantage in time - his vision is not as it used to be. And thus when we let the boys out towards the woods, he runs to the end of the fence and then slowly comes back. New walks are not quite for him, he's used to his area in the garden, woods and the yard. Therefore he has the space well mapped and managed so his weaker eyes don't bother him there.

Every year since he was nine he goes to the vet for teeth cleaning and sadly nearly everytime he lost about two teeth. He's simply full-fledged member of our family.

Jan Burian


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