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Xantypa Aurea Ytaner (Ella)

Czech Champion, C.I.B. (Interchampion), Slovakian Champion, Serbian Champion

father: Undecover Lover of Regenfield (photo)
mother: Violeta Valery Aurea Ytaner (photo)

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Ella's puppies:  litter B (Ytaner kennel)   Paganiniho symfonie, Litter I  Paganiniho symfonie, Litter M

Medium fawn female, born 15.05.2015

Evaluated: 24.08. 2019
Evaulation Result: Stud female
Height/Length: 41/43,5 cm

Hips displasy (HD): B
Elbows displasy (ED): 0/0
Patella exam (PL): 0/0
Ophtalmology eye exam: Clear 08/2019-08/2020
prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear (A) by parents
Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N (exon 2) (Normal/Clear) by parents

Owner: Petra Kastlova, kennel Paganiniho symfonie, PetraEster.Kastlova@seznam.cz, Svaty Mikulas, Czech Republic