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Gallery: Elizabeth Ginny Teschiro

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Elishka - in 15 years still fit

Added 03.12. 2022

Our seniors love visitors :-)

Added 10.01. 2022

Elishka as 13 years old lady

Added 31.12. 2020

Elishka, fun in garden

Added 29.03. 2020

Elishka as lady on walk

Added 02.12. 2019

Elishka 2016, our second agility competition

Added 10.01. 2017

Elishka in growing up scandinavian clip

Added 29.12. 2016

Retro photos from REN photostudio

Added 30.11. 2016

Eliskha fullfiled all conditions to become Veteran Champion of San Marino

Added 15.09. 2016

European Dog Show 2016, Brussel

Added 02.09. 2016

Elishka is new KCHP Veteran Champion

Added 19.08. 2016

Elishka starring at Pudl klub specialty in Kladno

Added 10.08. 2016

Eliška at J. Kamenicky Memorial in Brno

Elishka under handling of Petra Kastlova gained there last veteran club certificate necessary for KCHP Veteran Champion title! Authors of the photos are Petra Kastlova and Tereza Vaverová. Thank you!

Added 21.06. 2016

Our fist agility competiton and show weekend

22.05. 2016 we took part in Concours amical des 3 fées, our first even unofficial agility competitio. We started in beginners category, where slalom and swing obstacles were excluded. Our results were in the econd part of the competiton field but we didn't care. It was really nice experience.

agility agility agility agility
agility agility
show show show

Added 13.06. 2016

Elishka is doing agility

Added 13.05. 2016

Elishka at dog show in Montluçon

Elishka's successful comeback after longer convalescence. Big thanks to Petra Kastlova for handling!

Added 26.3. 2016

Elishka at studio photos

We thank very much Pavlina Simackova for wonderful photos!

Added 29.12. 2015

Elishka through eyes of Eliska Vachkova

We thanks for such wonderfull photos!

Elishka at walk

Added 13.11. 2015

Lovely Elishka at IDS in Prague

Elishka fullfiled all condition to become Czech Veteran Champion!

Added 04.11. 2015

Elishka started first time in veteran class

Added 16.10. 2015

Elishka at walks

Added 29.09. 2015

Elishka fullfiled all conditions become KPaCHP o.s. Honor Champion

I would like to thank Petra Kastlova for her handling at this show. She did well with Eliska. Author of some photos is Mr. Kolar, others are ours. Thank you.

Added 10.09. 2015

Elishka's portraits

Added 22.07. 2015

Elishka in Prague

Added 07.05. 2015

Elishka visited romanian town Satu Mare

And in one day shw fulfilles all condition to become Romanian Grand Champion.

Added 30.04. 2015

Elishka at KCHP club specialty

Elishka fulfilled all conditions to become KCHP Honor Champion. We are proud and happy!

Added 05.03. 2015

Elishka and KPaCHP o.s. New Years show

I would like to thank Petra Kastlova for handling! :-) First photos are from Mr. Kolar, last two photos are comming from our excellent photographer Pavlina Simackova, Rat love. I would like to thank for them!!

Added 08.01. 2015

Eli and first snow in this year :-)

Added 18.12. 2014

Weekend around European dog show in Brno

I would like kindly thank Petra Kastlova for her excellent show ring presentation of our Elishka during this weekend. Without her help Elishka would not participate. Petra thank you for everything!

Author of the photos is Mrs. Eva Mizerova. I would like to thank her for such nice photos!

Added 04.11. 2014

Elishka at Swiss Poodle club specialty

The author of the photo is Eva Zähndler from Swiss Poodle club. Thank you!

Added 16.10. 2014

Elishka and rest of our poodle band

The author of the photo is our friend Pavlina Simackova. More about her work on the web Rat love :-) Pavli, thank you!

Added 08.10. 2014

National Elevage + REC and International dog show in Dijon

Elishka had been shown in Champion class in both days. In this class there is no CACS. She received wonderfull show critiques in both days. On Sunday she had been chosen to be one of the 4th best poodles of the show. In France all BOBs are competite with each other selecting best poodle of the size fisrt and then best poodle of the show. We are really proud!

Added 10.09. 2014

Elishka in Brno

I would like to thank for help with tooking photos Irca Kuzelova! :-)

Added 28.06. 2014

In a show clip and
walk at Prokopske valley

Added 15.06. 2014

Walks and runs

Added 5.6. 2014

Show weekend

We would like to thank Wenke spacek for helping us with making photos of Eliska.

Added 22.05. 2014

Comeback into show ring as BISS#3 at VDP Club dog show in Baden-Baden

Added 17.04. 2014

Leuisure time during walking

Added 04.11. 2013

Autumn holiday in Czech - snap photos

Added 30.09. 2013

Elishka as proud mother

Added 12.06. 2013

Elishka s model at grooming workshop

Bellow you might see Elishka and her really tallented groomer.

Added 18.02. 2013

Eli in poodle gang

Added 04.02. 2013

European dog show? No of course...

Because we decide to let Elishka mate another time and because the date of the mating was really close to European dog show naturally Elishka staied at home. And what we did in that time? We were walking in nature. :-)

Added 11.10. 2012

Elishka after grooming

I would like to thank Maruska Beranova for excellent grooming of Eli. She is fantastic, take a look...

Added 20.09. 2012

Elishka in Nitra

I would like to thank for photos and video of Eli. We also fullfil condition to become Slovakian Champion.

Added 15.06. 2012

Elishka at germany dog shows

Finally we catch first two VDH-CAC out of five needed for Geman Champion. :-) We are really happy!!!
For photos from Ilmenau I would like to thank Mrs. Eberhard.

Added 24.04. 2012

Elishka at club specialty in Germany

I would like to thank Petra Kastlova for handling of my Eli. Without her it wasn't possible. Thank you Petra. :-)

Added 28.03. 2012

Elishka with friends in snow

Added 23.02. 2012

Elishka at International dog Show in Trencin

Added 30.01. 2012

Elishka is preparing for new show season

Added 11.01. 2012

Elishka in nature

Added 04.10. 2011

Elishka celebrates her birthday together with Edysek

We would like to thank Sormanovy for nice afternoon.

Added 13.09. 2011

Elishka at dog shows in Debrecen

Elishka fullfilled all condition to become Hungarian Champion.