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Gallery: Geb Paganiniho symfonie (Princ)

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Princ fullfiled condition to become Poland Champion

Added 31.07.2023

Princ won BIG#3

Added 24.07.2022

Princ fulfilled all condition to become Slovakian Champion and C.I.B. (Interchampion)

Added 02.09.2021

Princ fulfilled all condition to become Czech Champion

Added 11.07.2021

Princ at Slovakian and Czech dog shows

Added 08.10.2020

Princ became Hungarian Champion

Added 03.09.2020

Princ at show in Lysa

Added 04.07.2020

Princ first time in adult class

Added 13.06.2020

Princ became Czech Junior Champion

Added 13.02.2020

Princ at International dog shows in Prague

Added 13.12.2019

Princ won BISS#2 in age of 9 months

Added 13.12.2019

Princ in Beroun and at Konopiste

Added 13.12.2019