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Gallery: Dancing Queen Iz Mimoletnogo Videnija (Masha)

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Masha enjoys movement

Added 03.12.2021

Family trips with Masha

Added 20.11.2021

Masa and her life

Added 11.05.2021

Masha home in the garden

Added 31.12.2020

Masenka on walks

Added 02.12.2019

Masha at Lysa nad Labem dog show

Added 17.07.2019

Masa and family trips

Added 26.05.2019

Masenka at International Dog Show in Prague

Added 13.12.2018

Masenka, first competiton

Masenka took also part in Strong Bull competition in Kolesa. Unfortunately because of her almost zero experience she did not finished it.

Added 30.06.2018

Masenka, first time in adult class and coursing

Added 06.06.2018

Lili, now Masha at home

Added 13.05.2018

Lili gets used to show rings

Added 22.08.2017

Lili since puppy and at her first dog show

KPaCHP Stodůlky

Added 13.07.2017