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Gallery: Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield (Lilu)

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Lilu, 14 years old senior

Added 03.12.2022

Lilu devil full of energy

Added 31.12.2020

Lilu in sun

Added 22.03.2020

Lilu senoir lady full of energy

Added 02.12.2019

Lilu successfuly passed her first nosewrok exam

úspěšná zkouška NW-DZ

Added 21.06.2017

Lilu at nosework exam

Lilu at nosework exam, looking for a hidden cinnamon sample. This time we didn't complete successfully all part of the exams, so hopefully next time ;-).

Thanks to Andrea Grossmanova for photos!
Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield
Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield

Přidáno 30.04.2017

Lilu, video from our agility training

For video I would like to thank our trainer Simona Drabkova. :-)

Added 10.03. 2017

Lilu at her second unofficial agility competition

In total she was 5th out of 15 competitors.

Přidáno 10.01. 2017

Lilu like a model

Photos comming from REN photostudio.

Added 30.11. 2016

Lilu and coursing

I tried coursing with Lilu, however unlike other she doesn't really enjoyed it, so it probably was the first and last run. We're going to do other activities she likes much more :-).

Added 17.11. 2016

Our first agility competition

22.05. 2016 we took part in Concours amical des 3 fées, our first even unofficial agility competitio. We started in beginners category, where slalom and swing obstacles were excluded. Our results were in the econd part of the competiton field but we didn't care. It was really nice experience.

Added 13.06. 2016

Autumn portraits of Lilu

Added 04.11. 2015

Lilu, still very active poodle

Added 22.07. 2015

Lilu and snow walk

Added 18.12. 2014

Lilu at profesional photographer

The author of the photo is our friend Pavlina Simackova. More about her work on the web Rat love :-) Pavli, thank you!

Added 08.10. 2014

Walk at Prokopske valley

Added 15.06. 2014

Walks and runs

Added 05.06. 2014

Lilu as garde at VDP Club dog show in Baden-Baden

Added 17.04. 2014

Our crazy Lilu

Added 04.11. 2013

Our autumn holiday and Lilu

Added 30.09. 2013

Lilu and horse

Added 26.06. 2013

Lilu and our trip to Slovakia