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Henry de Luisant Teschiro - Henry and his Gallery

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Henry, last good bye to his "brother"

Dog's life is sometimes too short. Our deepest condolences to Henry and his family.

Added 01.02.2023

Henry has now friend

Added 28.08.2017

Henry at home

Added 22.07.2015

Henry at club specialty in Lysa nad Labem

Added 02.06.2012

Henry at dog show first time in modern clip

I would like to thank for borowing Henry and the possibility to show him.

Added 07.05.2012

Henry visited us at club show

Added 28.11.2011

Henry in November

I would like to thank Zuzka Faltejskova for such nice photos.

Added 20.11.2011

Henry at dog shows in Debrecen

Added 30.08.2011

Henry, show premiere

Henry, Dafné and Elisha - family photo

Photos from Kamenny Mlyn

Added 06.07.2011

Henry and spring flowers

Added 26.04.2011

Coat makeover of Herny

Added 10.02.2010

Henry stop by
Henry is the guy with the rubber bands. The second on is Hapik. :-)

Added 04.12.2010

Henry at home

Added 22.11.2010