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Kerry in snow

Added 10.01.2022

Kerry groomed on short

Added 26.04.2021

Kerry has resting time

Added 18.12.2020

Kerry sends easter greetings

Added 20.04.2020

Kerry enjoies spring days

Added 24.04.2019

Kerry sends greetings

Added 29.12.2018

Kerry, new photos

Added 30.08.2018

Kerry welcomes spring

Added 03.04.2018

Playing Kerry

Added 16.12.2017

Nice time in Brno

Added 23.07.2017

Kerry in sun

Added 10.03.2017

Christmas wish from Kerry

Added 29.12.2016

Pulling games :-)

Added 17.11.2016

Kerry has new friends

Added 19.08.2016

Football fun

Added 13.06.2016

Kerry is gardening

Added 26.02.2016

Kerry outside in the autumn

Added 28.11.2015

Kerry and walk in the rain

Added 16.10.2015

Kerry and summer

Added 01.09.2015

Kerry , water fun

Added 12.07.2015

Kerry and his friend dachshund

Added 01.06.2015

Kerry in spring garden

Added 15.04.2015

Kerry loves sun

Added 17.03.2015

Kerry enjoies winter

Added 31.01.2015

The one who plays is always in good mood

Added 04.12.2014

Portraits of Kerry

Added 04.11.2014

Kerry on sun

Added 10.09.2014

Kerry enjoys summer time

Added 20.07.2014

Visiting Kerry

Kerry is great at his home and clearly he gets on very well with his owner:-). He's grown up to a playful rascal with amazing poodle nature. Many thanks for care and love Kerry gets :-).

Added 09.06.2014

Sunny leisure

Added 22.05.2014

Kerry loves water

Added 17.04.2014

Spring is comming

Added 09.03.2014

Winter photos of Kerry

Added 16.2.2014

Kerry not only on Christmas

Added 19.1.2014

Kerry just like that :-)

Added 22.12. 2013

Kerry helpig with gardening :-)

Added 28.11. 2013

Playing with cat friend

Added 04.11. 2013

Kerry, small grooming

Added 16.10. 2013

Kerry is aporting

Added 30.09. 2013

Kerry in the garden's grass

Added 12.09. 2013

Cute little Kerry

Added 02.09. 2013

Kerry is playing

Added 23.08. 2013

Kerry at home

Added 13.08. 2013

Kerry before he went into his new home

Added 06.08. 2013

Kerry as a small puppy