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Amanda Teschiro

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father: Antonio z Hrapolu
mother: Agnes z Karlového ranče

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Miniature apricot female, born 13.6.2004

died 19.08. 2020

Evaluated: 20.5.2006
Result of valuation: Brood Female, Retired nowadays
Height/Length: 40/42,5 cm
(PL): 0/0
(DKK): A/A
Ophtalmology eye exam: Negative 10/2011 - 10/2012
(prcd-PRA): OptiGen A (Normal/Clear)
(prcd-PRA): Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, AS CR A (Clear)

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Amanda has become mother of two different puppies since the first article was written. In the first case the proud father is Czech dog -Marty (Mr.Marty Aureus Yaner) and in the second case the bridegroom was Kevin (Sisterhood Fatboy Slim) from Sweden. In both cases Amanda was very good mum and she loved all their puppies so much. In the first case that was quite different than in the second case. Maybe according my opinion she was better mum in the second case because she knew what she could expect.

Her behavior is the same. She has moved from our home to home of my parents because of our study in Sweden but on the other side she has perfectly understood the hierarchy of our dog band and made necessary steps to find her new place in the band - she has managed a good position for now. She has changed the place with our Happy because our Happy is without "political ambitious" and Amanda also jumped over her own mother Agnes as well. However to jump over our senior standard poodle Amanda doesn't have any ambitious, it is absolutely out of discussion for now.

What ever say to her temperament? Well, in the journey to Sweden we found that Amanda loves people and she wants to be in touch with people. To foreign dogs she is a quite reserved. But she loves when people talk about her so it is really pity that our study stay in Sweden has stopped her show carrier.

This thing belongs to her temperament only according my opinion but it is bad business to sleep in bed with Amanda. In the evening she has to go from the bed but after we sleep she jumps to the bed, lies at the blanket and sleeps, too. And that's the problem. Man and dog change his/her position during the night and the result is that Amanda has all blanket and man wake up because of cold. If this scenario is not realized it looks in this way: She jumps to the bed and lies along the man. It is nice, isn't it? The problem comes with man's changing position. If one changes the position he or she is completely washed in the face. By this simple way Amanda shows that she likes you. She is just the same treasure. :) We have taken part some actions together with Amanda and I hope that it will continue in the future. Amanda has taken part at flyball weekend and the other action she coudl not participated because of taking care about puppies.

And bellow the article I get some photos from our journey to Sweden. Lina changed Amandas hair groom completely (I think it is the best clip I ever seen on Amanda - thank you Lina :) ). We have visited three national parks in Sweden, have slept in a camp where the free movement of rabbits has been permitted (I suppose it is upgrade - rabbits and no lawn mower), we have traveled by ferry...

TePe 31.12.2007
before taking picture
clipped Amanda
on the pillow
"lawn mower"
(wind shelter)
in a park
"What is it there?"
in swamps of Storre Mosse
camp near the Skirenstigen lake
snack at Karlsborg
the Karlsborg fortress
in a wild
(Tiveden park)
it used to be a wayside inn
(Brahehus, Jönköping lån)