...just lovely poodles

Teschiro kennel

Medium fawn (apricot before) and black poodles.

We are...
  • breeders - our goal are beautiful and healthy dogs, not their amount
  • willing to advice - how to choose a dog and breed, with handling at dog shows, provide contacts
  • willing to help - with any problem and in the beginnings if you decided for a exhibition career

  • Our aim...
  • are healthy puppies without genetic diseases...
  • ...mainly for pleasure and as a active and nice companions

  • We are
    able to...
  • advice with the poodle's preparation for shows and with exhibitions itself
  • Teschiro

    Ella is C.I.B.
    (Xantypa Aurea Ytaner)
    Xantypa Aurea Ytaner
    Sky is Czech Champion
    (Pearl of the North Teschiro)
    Pearl of the North Teschiro
    Leo is Moravian Coursing Master 2021
    (Bay Rock X Ambassadors Leonardo)
    Bay Rock X Ambassadors Leonardo
    Princ is Slovakian Champion
    (Geb Paganiniho symfonie)
    Geb Paganiniho symfonie
    Freya became C.I.B.
    (Freya Paganiniho symfonie)
    Freya Paganiniho symfonie