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Teschiro poodles

Poodle Rebels

Edgar Allan Teschiro alias Edysek and Guliver Golden Boy Teschiro alias Guliver

Engine kennel

Euphoria Engine Teschiro

Keya Blog

Euphoria Engine Teschiro - swedish only

Emil and Fenja

Felicia Greyfun Teschiro and Fabio Greyfun Teschiro

Fourier Greyfun Teschiro

Fourier Greyfun Teschiro alias Draco - japanese only

Gannio Great Teschiro

Gannio Great Teschiro alias Ganik

Z hauserova kralovstvi kennel

Hakim Igni Teschiro alias Hakim or Mechacek as well only in czech

Paganiniho symfonie kennel

Isis Dreamy Lady Teschiro alias Sisi

Medium size poodles breeders

Alfari Bohemia

Medium size brown poodle, German Shepherd dog, Czech Republic

Bryvilsar kennel

Medium size fawn poodles, Czech Republic

Carsky monarcha

Medium size and miniature apricot poodles, Czech Republic

Coeur de Moravie

Medium size silver poodles, Czech Republic

Dea Laurencia

Medium size apricot poodles, Czech Republic


Medium size brown poodles, Czech Republic

Fantazia Brown

Medium size brown poodles, Czech Republic

Gold Ray

Medium size apricot poodle, Czech Republic

Honey Rose

Medium size red poodle, Czech Republic

Mille Talenti

Medium size black poodle, Czech Republic

Of Deleite´s

medium black poodles, Czech Republic

Paganiniho symfonie

Medium size apricots, Czech Republic

Ruda z Derze

Medium size brown poodle, Czech Republic


Dwarf apricot, silver, medium size brown and black poodles, Czech Republic

Starring Moravia

Medium size black, brown and white poodles, Czech Republic

Dwarf poodles breeders


banner Banzette

Dwarf and miniature silver and black poodles, Czech Republic

Earl's Legend

Toy and Dwarf poodles, Czech Republic

Ellie's Jolly, Slovakia

Preloucska pecet

Dwarf and miniature black poodles, Czech Republic

Romy's Choco

Dwarf and medium size brown poodle, Czech Republic

Silver Paradise

Dwarf and toy silver and white poodles, Czech Republic


Dwarf apricot female and other her friends, Czech Republic

Victoria Festiva

Dwarf black and brown poodles, Czech Republic

Standard poodles breeders


Standard apricot male, yorkshire and chinese crested powderpuff,
Czech Republic

Queen of Diamonds

Standard black poodles, Czech Republic

Party Paws

Standard harlequin poodles, Czech Republic

White and Black

White and black standards, Czech Republic

Other friends and poodles


Animal Hope

veterinary clinique, Czech republic