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We will gladly answer all your questions.
We prefer one or more visits at our home.
Health certificates of both parents are always available.

Our puppies:

New owners get these together "with puppy":

While puppy is with new owner:

We try to be in touch with all owners and help them. Almost with all our puppies we are in contact and we are continuously interested in their growing period as well as their whole life story. At least once we visit all of our puppies.

We never send puppies to new owners via third persons or companies - always only by personal handover.

If you like our dogs and you are able to give lovely and peacefull home to the puppy where he/she will live as the equal member of your family, please contact us. We will share our future breeding plan with you and try to select the best possible puppy that will fit you the best :-).

Our puppies

Puppies were born!

In early morning hours on 08.02. 2019 3 boys were born. In 4th weeks they start to explore world around.

Proud parents are Masa (Dancing Queen iz Mimoletnogo Videnija) and Nino (Paganini Aureus Ytaner).

Because it happened I have crossed two Carriers for Degenerative Myelopathy we will test all the puppies for this disease so future owners will be informed about each puppy result.

For more information, feel free to contact us!